In 2014, content marketers noted that infographics, images and videos reach more people than posts and articles. This is entirely true, but many well-designed websites have lost great credentials because they had no text-based content.

Remember, Search Engine bots index your website according to the keyword text. Your alt image names could help with this, but a full-bodied text post is much more helpful. This and two more reasons why you should still have text content on your website.

  1. Keywords

Search engines still use keyword relevance and content to find relevant content from user searches. Without text to run its spiders, search engines will find that alt texts are too general, which lowers the SEO rating for your post. With a full bodied article, a meta paragraph could not only give a curious gist in your SERP item, but it also helps robots read the blog’s contents and classify it faster.

  1. Headers

Readers often find headers and bold text useful for quick reading whether the content will help them. Readers don’t mind a wall of text, but having blocked phrases help them gauge what the content is all about. Search engine spiders also have this algorithm and full-bodied texts are the best bet to have headers.

  1. Faster to Generate Unique Content

All infographics, photographs, images and videos take time to create. While they guarantee better results than content, written unique content is faster to produce. As long as it isn’t a direct plagiarism of the source content, it is considered unique, and is useful for internet marketing.

The world is scrutinising Apple because of the release of the iPhone 6. As Apple’s smartphones are considered hallmarks of the industry, the recent offering has indicated several failures in innovation people expect from the technology firm. With nothing useful to provide, Apple’s followers were highly disappointed. Unique and related content is highly important to ensure that your audiences could make use of your products and services in the best possible way. Here are some of them.

  1. Improving Your Services

You do not need to wait for audiences and customers to suggest ways to improve your services. Companies with blogs could begin providing how-to lists to improve their service. Online retail websites, such as Amazon, provide a better approach to their service by reminding users about the perils of consumer-maintained security. Smartphone manufacturers also provide tips about saving battery life and improving unit performance.

  1. Thought Leaders

People want to look for information in blogs, but they also want to know about the thoughts of the staff regarding certain industry changes. Using the example of Apple again, reading the blog of its rivals in the design department will help people know what they find wrong about Apple’s new product, and ways to improve it, if they wish to impart their knowledge.

  1. Up to Date Information

Posts are only useful if no other studies or facts have debunked the ideas provided in most “white paper” posts, such as instruction guides and optimisation tips. These should be checked regularly and, if edited, must indicate the particular date and updates added to the post.

Millions of people log into social networks and consume internet media in large quantities on a daily basis. People can differentiate between what is personalized media, or one that is genuine and useful, from advertisements or marketing-style media. People almost always read blogs on a daily basis, but it is the appeal and appearance of these blogs that make people subscribe to them.

For businesses, personalized blogs help people see more into the industry and the matters the business is currently undertaking. However, talking about industry in general with one person is not reliable. Businesses will need multiple writers for the task.

A security specialist cannot talk about the business’ progresses as much as the project managers can manage to explain, and this goes vice-versa. Your business assigns specialists in different areas because of their expertise, and people think of them as the ones in authority to talk about the topics at hand.

Personality also means a partial disregard for formal dialogue. An employee or a manager can use their own method of writing and it is unnecessary to use jargons not unless necessary. A true mark of a specialist is when they can use a simple analogy to explain the meaning of jargons and processes, which would help readers understand and know more about the business and its industry.

Be sure to keep in consideration the length of articles. Personal posts may seem longer, so it would be wise to have an editor who can shorten out the post down to the essential information needed.

If you have a Facebook account and you are part of a band, your band’s Facebook account will associate you with the band. Any friend you have will see some automated recommendations to “like” or subscribe to the page of your band. This relationship is purely on Facebook. Your band’s Facebook social media profile gets more views if you have a SoundCloud account, which can allow listeners to listen to your songs as it links to your Facebook, or a Flickr for live photos from your events.

The platform of social media significantly affects your SEO campaign. If you are marketing director of an online company, your LinkedIn account will register your online company. The keyword itself, which is the name of your company, is associated with you and your credentials. It can work both ways; the higher your credentials, the more credible the company, or the more credible the company, the higher your credentials.

A Facebook account of your CEO linked to your blog post (either as a ghost writer or the CEO’s post itself) will generate high search engine traffic. Google and other internet search engines recognize authority and if it is indeed the official and verified Facebook account, then it gains higher value for SEOs.

However, an employee with a LinkedIn account responding to consumer requests with the same name on the Facebook fanpage of your company raises the SEO advantage of your company significantly than an employee who uses his or her Facebook account without a LinkedIn account. Facebook accounts are only for developing personal networks and casual conversation, but it is never a good platform for business or professional connections even if many attempt to do so.

According to research, majority of internet users have lower attention span than non-internet users, and this information led many bloggers to re-design their blogs and their writing style to ensure the attention span of their users. However, promoting your blog to a PR site in the traditional manner or appearing at the forefront of search engine page results is not always key to promotions.

1. Short Video Intro
New short video streaming services, such as Vine or Instagram’s new video feature, allows you a few seconds of recording yourself. You could record an introduction to your blog and explain its gist to your followers in your social network or the PR website you work with. Your voice and your appearance will be enough to garner attention and your blog traffic can skyrocket if it becomes a hot or interesting topic.

2. Games
Bloggers can also create a small browser game on their blog. While it might cost a bit on your part or a bit of studying to create games, explaining your topic using the game is an interesting and unique experience that will be memorable to your readers. A game that unlocks a paragraph of the post while remaining relative to the topic has the potential to turn viral.

3. Audio Playback
Audiobooks gain popularity with people who cannot read a book while going to work on commute or would like to read their books while walking. Creating an audio playback version of your posts online enables you to access a new range of readers, especially those who are often tackling their hectic schedules.

Your brand signals makes your consumers aware that it is your particular store, stall or event. However, it is particularly difficult to build particular brand signals and the most effective methods are quite expensive. If you’re doing marketing online, here are a few things you could do to build your online brand signal.

1. Logo
For small to medium businesses, having a working logo is important. Your consumers remember your business not just for your products and services, but also for the uniqueness and appearance of your logo. Your logo should also have your planned colour scheme

2. Employees
Social media builds your consumers’ confidence in your products and services by means of allowing them to post their suggestions and comments regarding your business. However, your employees personal social media accounts also count. Allow your employees to add your company as their job and specify its location headquarters.

3. Offline Campaigns
Any effective (and quite expensive) offline marketing campaign will surely bolster your online marketing campaign. You could choose to participate in famous holidays in the country by doing a public relations stunt, or by just being present in the event.

4. Online Contests
Giving away free items is more affordable than making gigantic offline campaigns. They can be pretty effective too if you are making limited edition renditions of items your company creates relating to famous Internet or pop culture trends and other mainstream topics.

Social media is a combination of receiving news feeds about your family, friends, acquaintances, and interests you like. A social media profile is a powerful broadcasting tool. If used properly and ethically, you could actually develop your brand easily and raise awareness about your products or services online.

1. Update Frequency
Social media users use social media to communicate with their friends and catch up on the latest news regarding their favourite band, company, business and others. You are only one of these channels they subscribe to and spamming them with your updates will definitely annoy them and you might also earn a penalty from the social media moderators as well. Update your posts on a regular basis with the proper timing.

2. Timing
You should know what your brand is all about and who benefits from your products. If your target is children for example, you could update your posts during the afternoon or evening right after they come home from school. You could ensure a high visibility if you time your posts right with your audience.

3. Blogs
Updates should not be needlessly long as a blog; you could update your status with a link that directly heads to your blog. In your blog, you could post as long as you can to ensure all details are in place. Most audiences only want to see updates from you, not entire posts they need to read in the social media account itself.

In the 20th century, only a handful of people and professionals completely understood the Internet. With limited development, articles were the only way for people to share information with one another along with low-resolution images and ASCII texts. Today, with more visual-oriented information coming from web 2.0 developments, articles and texts are now minimal as people look for more interactive ways to get themselves informed. But articles help with SEO indexing. Here are a few things that you should remember for article selling in 2013.

1. Short and Concise
Copywriters and bloggers should remember to keep their texts and articles short but concise. Shorter sentences that directly tackle the main problem is the key. If you’re giving tips or advice, it would be wise to put them in a list instead of scrawling all over in paragraphs.

2. Informativeness
Internet users are looking for information, not formal essays. They are also looking for items with evidences, not just a guess from a misnomer. It is important to do research and ensure that your information is up to date and useful for the present.

3. Grammar
Grammar is subjective; if you’re writing for a language tutorial firm, they would demand good grammar from you. For copywriting, grammar is not so important. As long as your target market’s language is used, you have no trouble with grammar. However, it is important to consider making your writing neat, logical and properly written.

4. Keywords
Focusing your article’s keywords on geolocational words and phrases can help Search Engines index your website and articles better. Keyword research is as essential as it is now than ever before. Make sure that you look for the common keyword searches in your target market locations.

The Internet is a great place to begin making a good brand for your business. While you could choose to make your own website or start with an account from a merchant or buy and sell website, expanding your Internet presence helps you tap into the millions of Internet users worldwide who could see your advertisements and demonstration videos. Here are some more advantages Internet marketing can actually do for you.


1. Easier Accessibility
One notable thing about the Internet is that your customers can find information about your company instantly with just a few clicks through search engines. You could also post interactive games, advertisements and video demonstrations of your products and services. Anybody with a strong Internet connection can easily be enticed with your marketing strategies.

2. Affordability
Internet marketing is very affordable. For $30 a year, you could get a basic 500 MB package if your website is more of a database and text-heavy marketing website. You could go for higher options, such as 1GB to 30GB whichever you need with higher prices, if you would be posting more high quality videos of your products and services advertisements.

3. Outsourcing
Companies don’t need to look or put up departments to make their Internet marketing strategies; they can have outsourcing companies who specialize in the field do it for them. Online companies directed at Internet marketing can help your company concentrate more on the quality of your products while they work on the marketing based on your preferences while not incurring additional costs on your part.