The Internet is more than a tool for communication and you can use it for business purposes. New entrepreneurs might want to go for a website or have an account on a buy and sell website. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comprehensive help guide for new entrepreneurs looking to expand market in the Internet.

E-commerce concept

A. Website
Websites allow you to personalize your own design and introduce all your items and products depending on your bandwidth. A website is a business’ virtual office and it is easily accessible for all customers. However, the only trouble with websites is that you are the one to make all the databases, inquiry and order forms and ensure that these are all working properly. While they guarantee you a wider market, they can also require you to have full technical knowledge of website customization and management.

B. Merchant Account
A merchant account is usually a free to use account in most merchant websites. These accounts are very easy to use and they allow you to upload unlimited numbers of product or service photos. Unlike websites, you cannot host videos directly with the account; you might need to upload to free video hosting sites such as Youtube for a video demonstration of your product or service. Another downside is that merchant accounts limit your visibility and brand to the buy and sell website, which might make for poor business branding.

Business brand development is very much as important as the manufacture of the business’ products and one way this is developed is through the delivery of items a business manufacturer promises. The items must be delivered in mint and good condition, as it was in the factory. To develop your shipping and packaging techniques, consider the following.

1. Tight Schedule

Production costs and expenses are basically predicted by schedules, which is why businesses with great orders should keep a tight schedule and give their business partners or customers a definite deadline when they can send the package had been paid for. Keeping a good schedule is important, so make sure your teams know when the deadline is so that they can estimate the amount of work they need to put up.

2. Outsourcing

As a business, you can’t always have your own departments for yourself, you can always outsource. Most of the time, outsourcing is cheaper and effective as it focuses only on one micro-process in the whole link of business. If you could contract a shipping agency to arrive and deliver the goods ensuring high quality and proper handling, you could save money from making a facility, training people for high quality and handling and more.

3. Deliver on Time

It is normal for a business to sometimes fail to deliver their products on time or miss their deadlines, but the next time, the business has to make for it. Reliability and business brand issues can stem from repeated mistakes, but a single mistake is not a harmful tarnish to business reputation.

4. Quality of Goods

What you cannot outsource is the way the product is packaged with an environment that will ensure its freshness. If you’re in the perishable goods business, you’ll need to ensure the high quality of goods you deliver and when they are delivered, they should always be as fresh as they were. Work up with your board and development teams how to make a packaging that is suitable to sustain the reliability of your product.