Do the car brands ring a bell? Japan’s biggest and famous makers of cars that is distributed all over the world continues to boost its sales and develops more automobile designs that capture the clients wants and likes in choosing the best wheels for personal and family use.

For several years, the three companies that originated in Japan still continue to make its mark in the line of business. Cars made by each three companies are exported to different countries because of the quality that it offers the buyers.

The said brands are trusted by billions of people not only in Japan but in the first world countries like the United States and even third world countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore import the said brands.

According to an article published on yahoo’s finance page, the “BIG Three’s” sales record in 2012 was released on Monday and the said results showed a statement that one of the big three car makers in Japan has outwitted the sales of the others. It was the Toyota Company who got the top spot. The car products of Toyota have proved and showed an increasing sale last year, making it to the World’s biggest automaker. Yahoo finance news also released exact figures of the company’s increase in sales. Coming from Toyota, its sale jump up to 22.6 percent equivalent to 9.75 million Toyota vehicles, while the tough competitors like Nissan only had 4.94 million giving it a second spot and Honda landed third with 3.81 million.

Because of the said success in sales of the three strongest automobile business in Japan, the economy have recovered from its previous disaster in 2011 that took away a lot of properties, business establishments, and decreased the sales and production of Japanese products and goods including famous cars like Honda,Nissan,and Toyota vehicles.