According to research, majority of internet users have lower attention span than non-internet users, and this information led many bloggers to re-design their blogs and their writing style to ensure the attention span of their users. However, promoting your blog to a PR site in the traditional manner or appearing at the forefront of search engine page results is not always key to promotions.

1. Short Video Intro
New short video streaming services, such as Vine or Instagram’s new video feature, allows you a few seconds of recording yourself. You could record an introduction to your blog and explain its gist to your followers in your social network or the PR website you work with. Your voice and your appearance will be enough to garner attention and your blog traffic can skyrocket if it becomes a hot or interesting topic.

2. Games
Bloggers can also create a small browser game on their blog. While it might cost a bit on your part or a bit of studying to create games, explaining your topic using the game is an interesting and unique experience that will be memorable to your readers. A game that unlocks a paragraph of the post while remaining relative to the topic has the potential to turn viral.

3. Audio Playback
Audiobooks gain popularity with people who cannot read a book while going to work on commute or would like to read their books while walking. Creating an audio playback version of your posts online enables you to access a new range of readers, especially those who are often tackling their hectic schedules.

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