Running a business is no joke. Aside from gathering initial capital, you’re instantly thrust into a world where your first three weeks guarantees nothing but continuously added responsibilities, missed deadlines and complaining employees.

It makes you wonder how the earlier successful businesses handled it.

But truth be told, no business proprietor will tell you it was easy from the start. But their determination, diligence and a sound business plan helped guide them out of the storm.

1. Social Media Allows You to ‘Teleport’ Where Your Customers Are

“Know where your customers are hanging out online. You don’t have to be everywhere. Be where your customers are … and communicate with them there.” – Laurie McCabe, Partner SMB Group

Laurie McCabe has been 20 years in the industry before she entered as a partner for the SMB Group. She has a stellar trac record, working for Hurwitz & Associates, AMI-Partners and Summit Strategies.

Definitely, her strategy is true. It is important to prioritise geographic engagement rather than have yourself in all places all at once.

2. Networking is Working

“Never stop networking, never stop pushing. It’s easy to give up when everybody around you … is telling you ‘you can’t do it’. You have to be around positive people. Then push on.” –Tom Force, Owner, ICE Keytags

Make it a appoint to attend conferences, events and public apperances that guarantee you could meet new people. I agree with Tom Force that these events extremly help to network with other people. Being around positive people helps inspire you. Rather than having people who drag you down, get inspired by people who believe.

3. Stay Positive

“Our first three years were brutally tough… every day was about survival. Then I remembered a lesson from my father. Your mind is everything, yet it’s not what you know, but rather how you deal with it. It is about your mindset and positive thinking.” –Clate Mask, Founder and CEO, Infusionsoft

It’s true. Your mind is everything. Do not be intimitdated by huge problems. Instead, welcome their presence. Once you have accepted that you have a huge problem on your hands, look for the smaller details, the weak points of the problem that would shake down its foundations once you take it on. You’d be surprised at how quickly you could resolve such huge problems.

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