Greece just came out of the Eurozone deal with bloodied bodies and injured spirits. Showing their defiance by re-electing Alexis Tsipras, the urge to resolve their debts still exists. Unfortunately, Greece needs new fuel to fire up the innovation in the economy and market.


Many start-ups in Greece had failed to captivate the public. Fortunately, international companies are willing to extend their trades to help up Europe’s weakened but fighting link.


CleanHands is a non-profit organisation focusing on unused soap bars and other hotel toiletries. The organisation collects them. Upon gathering the materials, they convert these into low-cost, eco-friendly hygienic and household-cleaning products.

Greece’s tourism industry may benefit from the start-up purchasing unused hygienic products common in most hotels and bed-and-breakfast venues. They may re-sell the products at a lower price to other parts in the industry or even normal households

Mastiha World

The Chios Mastiha Tree is common in Greece. As a local and export-quality inebriation, Mastiha World intends to focus their efforts to distribute the product to Greece’s local mass market. Mastiha is expensive. However, the start-up intends to make the product accessible to common and lower prices.


The freedom to manage your time in learning despite joining a for-profit university brings great knowledge at possibly no expense (unless you need a certification). MetaLearner intends to help people manage their own education with free and paid online courses.

People also have an option to take actual real-world courses but without the benefit of a classroom. The start-up primarily depends on rented spaces to render educational services.

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