proprietors who remain on the road have no excuse to manage their businesses with some free or inexpensive business apps designed specifically for business travellers. Here are a few applications you could use while you’re away from your business.

1. Kingsoft Office
Available only on Android phones, Kingsoft Office is a Microsoft Office alternative software that could help you create, edit and view your spreadhseet, word, powerpoint or even PDF documents. You could even store your documents on Dropbox, Google drive or other cloud services.

2. TripIt
Travel itineraries are very important for frequent business travellers and TripIt is one app that helps you forward all your confirmation e-email for flights, hotels, rental cars and other amenities you need for your trip. The app can organize them into detailed summaries with confirmation codes and other information.

3. RoboForm
You’ll need a good password manager that will help you store all your passwords by remembering just one master password. The free app RoboForm can automatically log you into any website that you could sign in with your Master password.

4. Skype
If you’ll need to talk to your shopkeepers or other important personnel in another country, with a free WiFi spot you could use skype to talk to them with a video. The best thing about Skype is that it is free.

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