Brand development means to improve in business integrity, consistency and personality to consumers and the better a brand’s status is, the less susceptible it is to brand corrosion. Here are a few things that completely affect brand corrosion.

1. Changing Themes
Company logos, taglines and external physical assets like trucks endorsing the logo and brand name are all company themes. A company who chooses to change these themes in the name of extending to other target audiences also risks brand corrosion. Logos and other symbolisms are identifiers of your brand through local semiotics.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions
A big or small business could risk brand corrosion because of a merger or acquisition. Changing managements may mean a lack or increase in confidence with current investors. The management may possibly involve point number one to add to the brand corrosion risk.

3. Uniqueness
A brand founded in uniqueness, which musicians and other artists usually use, will need to retain its quality of uniqueness to gain consumer clamour. If a unique idea becomes obsolete and company keep-up fails, this could result to brand corrosion.

4. Mass-Marketing
Businesses focusing on making their products and services commodities instead of specialized ones see brand corrosion fall faster albeit having a very high demand for products. People will spend for something they need, but due to the high demand and the high supply needed to meet this demand, the focus on developing a brand is pointless, leading to corrosion.

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