Your brand signals makes your consumers aware that it is your particular store, stall or event. However, it is particularly difficult to build particular brand signals and the most effective methods are quite expensive. If you’re doing marketing online, here are a few things you could do to build your online brand signal.

1. Logo
For small to medium businesses, having a working logo is important. Your consumers remember your business not just for your products and services, but also for the uniqueness and appearance of your logo. Your logo should also have your planned colour scheme

2. Employees
Social media builds your consumers’ confidence in your products and services by means of allowing them to post their suggestions and comments regarding your business. However, your employees personal social media accounts also count. Allow your employees to add your company as their job and specify its location headquarters.

3. Offline Campaigns
Any effective (and quite expensive) offline marketing campaign will surely bolster your online marketing campaign. You could choose to participate in famous holidays in the country by doing a public relations stunt, or by just being present in the event.

4. Online Contests
Giving away free items is more affordable than making gigantic offline campaigns. They can be pretty effective too if you are making limited edition renditions of items your company creates relating to famous Internet or pop culture trends and other mainstream topics.

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