Google Fiber’s aim is to bring hyper-speed fibre-optic internet connections to the United States. Gabriel Stricker is Google’s newest policy and communications handler for the company. Fibre was initially headed by Dennis Kish in 2010. Under his direction, Google Fiber expanded from Austin to Salt Lake City.

Google intends to bring Fiber to more people as it announces expansions to LA and Chicago. Alphabet, Google’s larger holding company that handles Google’s advertising, Android business and online business. The assignment of Stricker to Google Fiber indicates Fiber’s form into a business from its beginnings as an experiment for faster internet access for consumers.

Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat said most of its efforts went into the Google businesses and they would improve their efforts further as Google continues to expand. Access and Energy will contain Alphabet’s Fiber efforts.

Stricker is not new to Google completely. Being one of the communications group leaders, Stricker had helped Google have a spot in the world’s online industry during its fast-growth days.

Google’s position as a huge global content provider allows everyone to make sense of Google’s offer for super fast internet especially now that net neutrality is becoming a huge issue in many countries.