It’s that time of the year again; the annual speculations Search Engine Optimization and Content Management experts shared in a blog. You know the introduction to this post, so go straight to the list below!


  1. Infographics Becomes the Champion

Mobile Internet browsing is the newest thing nowadays. It’ll continue to grow big this year, in 2016, maybe even 2019. The increasing number of smartphone users means they’ll be sick of reading boring text, even text with photos between paragraphs. To this end, infographics becomes the champion. Make information entertaining and easy to follow.

  1. Video Becomes The Hero

Video demonstrations of using products and services gave fame to many YouTube channels. and eHow benefitted from video tutorials. Embedding a video to your website is pretty useful, even for mobile subscribers. It’s easier to watch and listen to something than get back to lines of text messages.

  1. Short E-Books

Now many may disagree with me, but web marketing experts have to say that short E-books might not be famous, but if it claims to be something useful, you could market it and collect emails for your website’s newsletter. These marketing strategies can make E-books famous, if their content is truly something else, that is.