In 2014, content marketers noted that infographics, images and videos reach more people than posts and articles. This is entirely true, but many well-designed websites have lost great credentials because they had no text-based content.

Remember, Search Engine bots index your website according to the keyword text. Your alt image names could help with this, but a full-bodied text post is much more helpful. This and two more reasons why you should still have text content on your website.

  1. Keywords

Search engines still use keyword relevance and content to find relevant content from user searches. Without text to run its spiders, search engines will find that alt texts are too general, which lowers the SEO rating for your post. With a full bodied article, a meta paragraph could not only give a curious gist in your SERP item, but it also helps robots read the blog’s contents and classify it faster.

  1. Headers

Readers often find headers and bold text useful for quick reading whether the content will help them. Readers don’t mind a wall of text, but having blocked phrases help them gauge what the content is all about. Search engine spiders also have this algorithm and full-bodied texts are the best bet to have headers.

  1. Faster to Generate Unique Content

All infographics, photographs, images and videos take time to create. While they guarantee better results than content, written unique content is faster to produce. As long as it isn’t a direct plagiarism of the source content, it is considered unique, and is useful for internet marketing.