Most of the time, people say yes to consumers, investors and business partners because it saves time from having to argue and discussing many things. In many instances, saying yes has contributed to growth. But when one says no, it means that the person, or the company, has defined their responsibilities, including their mission, vision and objective.


One way is that saying yes too many times would only get you into multiple commitments. By splitting yourself with different opportunities, you fail to address the certain tasks that keep you busy but not too productive.


Growth is often associated with opportunity, but opportunities carry a risk within themselves. It does not guarantee a clear solution and it does not give you time to focus on formulating one. It may feel in contrast with your objective to grow.


Saying yes sparingly means to say yes to something relevant. Saying no is not a weakness, but rather a strength to growing your own career, business or strategy and solidifying your position in a discussion or in a market report.