Something that is often forgotten about and swept under the carpet is the stress levels of your employees. However, when you consider that a stressed employee is not a very productive employee, and that your bottom line might start to suffer as a result, then it definitely pays to learn how to keep employee stress levels low.


Here are 4 ideas for you to consider:

Allow them to come in late

Offering flexible hours to your employees might sound like a bad idea on the surface, but in actual fact most companies that have embraced the concept have actually reported an increase in productivity and profits.

The reason? Because employees typically end up working hours to suit them, and this leads to turning up at work relaxed, calm, and stress free. At the end of the day, as long as your employees are meeting targets and deadlines then does it really matter what time they turn up to work? Give it a try.

Feed them

Instead of allowing your employees to have their lunch at fast food joints such as McDonalds or Pizza Hut, have you considered offering a range of healthy but tasty snacks and meals in your canteen?

Numerous studies have shown that there is a definite link between fast food diets and stress, which is why what your employees put in their bodies is now more important than ever before.

Consider offering meals and snacks that include a wide range of healthy foods such as fish, nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, and smoothies.

Give them youth

Did you know that one of the main causes of stress comes from looking and feeling “old before your time?” With this in mind, you might to consider educating your employees on how to turn back the clock and drink from the fountain of youth.

To give you one example, there is now a supplement called phytoceramides which is getting a lot of attention around the country.

When taken on regular basis, phytoceramides for skin help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and leave the skin feeling soft and flexible. Best of all, the results are usually noticeable within a few weeks, which means in no time at all you will have an office full of happy employees.

Encourage regular breaks

Another way to keep stress at bay amongst your employees is to encourage regular breaks throughout the day. Most experts claim that around 10 minutes every hour should be used as a break, in order to give the mind a rest and relieve tension from the body.

You should also educate your employees about activities such as meditation or deep breathing exercises, which can all easily be done during a 10 minute break.

The world is scrutinising Apple because of the release of the iPhone 6. As Apple’s smartphones are considered hallmarks of the industry, the recent offering has indicated several failures in innovation people expect from the technology firm. With nothing useful to provide, Apple’s followers were highly disappointed. Unique and related content is highly important to ensure that your audiences could make use of your products and services in the best possible way. Here are some of them.

  1. Improving Your Services

You do not need to wait for audiences and customers to suggest ways to improve your services. Companies with blogs could begin providing how-to lists to improve their service. Online retail websites, such as Amazon, provide a better approach to their service by reminding users about the perils of consumer-maintained security. Smartphone manufacturers also provide tips about saving battery life and improving unit performance.

  1. Thought Leaders

People want to look for information in blogs, but they also want to know about the thoughts of the staff regarding certain industry changes. Using the example of Apple again, reading the blog of its rivals in the design department will help people know what they find wrong about Apple’s new product, and ways to improve it, if they wish to impart their knowledge.

  1. Up to Date Information

Posts are only useful if no other studies or facts have debunked the ideas provided in most “white paper” posts, such as instruction guides and optimisation tips. These should be checked regularly and, if edited, must indicate the particular date and updates added to the post.