A business thrives with less micromanagement, more good management, and the welcome capabilities of star employees. Star employees, or top performers in your company, could get paid higher than they should be, but they could grow disillusioned especially if they do not see any growth opportunity for themselves in your company. To keep them in your business and keep you alive in business, here are a few things to know.

1. Star Outsiders Vs. Star Employees
It is important that outsiders see the treatment of star employees in your company. Keeping your star employees happy also helps them remain in your company and contribute to its growth. Star outsiders could get more attracted given the benefits and possible professional growth they can have, seeing your star players move the company about.

2. Opportunities for Growth
Your long-term business strategy is not just to woo venture capitalists and other angel investors; they also help your top performers see their future position in the company. Include your top performers when re-checking and revising your business strategies, especially those employees you intend to keep for a very long time.

3. Allow Them a Choice and Contribution
People become more aware of their self-growth if they are conscious that they have made a decision for themselves by themselves. In business, oftentimes, it is the manager or the superior who makes that choice. Giving your star players a bit more freedom in their methods will allow them to realise their growth and comfort in the company, which could give way to better contributions.

4. Let Them Do Their Own Methods
Again, micromanagement can kill your star employees’ enthusiasm more than anything else. Only use tried-and-tested methods as a template, but not the bible for your business.