Businesses gain attention and become memorable because of their logos. These logos will also reflect the colour scheme, design and coherence of establishment designs and products, which consumers will remember as part of your brand. Creating an attractive logo is essential to boost your sales.

1. Colour Choice
Logos will represent your company, and the colours it has will greatly impact your consumers upon first sight. Trendy or fashionable colours are always a good choice for creating your logo viewable from outside establishments. However, be aware of possible future colour choices; try to formulate a logo colour scheme that will be timeless.

2. Highlights
Any logo will want to highlight the name of the company and not just the aesthetic. Some colours are more prominent than other colours, and they will highlight their subject. A strong contrast is also important. You could use lighter-contrast colours and outlining the letters of your main subject.

3. Size and Font
People are attracted to certain fonts, and the size will always display the emphasis of the element inside the logo. The font will symbolize the brand’s personality, while the colour element in the background of the logo will emphasize this along with the size.