If you have a Facebook account and you are part of a band, your band’s Facebook account will associate you with the band. Any friend you have will see some automated recommendations to “like” or subscribe to the page of your band. This relationship is purely on Facebook. Your band’s Facebook social media profile gets more views if you have a SoundCloud account, which can allow listeners to listen to your songs as it links to your Facebook, or a Flickr for live photos from your events.

The platform of social media significantly affects your SEO campaign. If you are marketing director of an online company, your LinkedIn account will register your online company. The keyword itself, which is the name of your company, is associated with you and your credentials. It can work both ways; the higher your credentials, the more credible the company, or the more credible the company, the higher your credentials.

A Facebook account of your CEO linked to your blog post (either as a ghost writer or the CEO’s post itself) will generate high search engine traffic. Google and other internet search engines recognize authority and if it is indeed the official and verified Facebook account, then it gains higher value for SEOs.

However, an employee with a LinkedIn account responding to consumer requests with the same name on the Facebook fanpage of your company raises the SEO advantage of your company significantly than an employee who uses his or her Facebook account without a LinkedIn account. Facebook accounts are only for developing personal networks and casual conversation, but it is never a good platform for business or professional connections even if many attempt to do so.