In the 20th century, only a handful of people and professionals completely understood the Internet. With limited development, articles were the only way for people to share information with one another along with low-resolution images and ASCII texts. Today, with more visual-oriented information coming from web 2.0 developments, articles and texts are now minimal as people look for more interactive ways to get themselves informed. But articles help with SEO indexing. Here are a few things that you should remember for article selling in 2013.

1. Short and Concise
Copywriters and bloggers should remember to keep their texts and articles short but concise. Shorter sentences that directly tackle the main problem is the key. If you’re giving tips or advice, it would be wise to put them in a list instead of scrawling all over in paragraphs.

2. Informativeness
Internet users are looking for information, not formal essays. They are also looking for items with evidences, not just a guess from a misnomer. It is important to do research and ensure that your information is up to date and useful for the present.

3. Grammar
Grammar is subjective; if you’re writing for a language tutorial firm, they would demand good grammar from you. For copywriting, grammar is not so important. As long as your target market’s language is used, you have no trouble with grammar. However, it is important to consider making your writing neat, logical and properly written.

4. Keywords
Focusing your article’s keywords on geolocational words and phrases can help Search Engines index your website and articles better. Keyword research is as essential as it is now than ever before. Make sure that you look for the common keyword searches in your target market locations.