Do the car brands ring a bell? Japan’s biggest and famous makers of cars that is distributed all over the world continues to boost its sales and develops more automobile designs that capture the clients wants and likes in choosing the best wheels for personal and family use.

For several years, the three companies that originated in Japan still continue to make its mark in the line of business. Cars made by each three companies are exported to different countries because of the quality that it offers the buyers.

The said brands are trusted by billions of people not only in Japan but in the first world countries like the United States and even third world countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore import the said brands.

According to an article published on yahoo’s finance page, the “BIG Three’s” sales record in 2012 was released on Monday and the said results showed a statement that one of the big three car makers in Japan has outwitted the sales of the others. It was the Toyota Company who got the top spot. The car products of Toyota have proved and showed an increasing sale last year, making it to the World’s biggest automaker. Yahoo finance news also released exact figures of the company’s increase in sales. Coming from Toyota, its sale jump up to 22.6 percent equivalent to 9.75 million Toyota vehicles, while the tough competitors like Nissan only had 4.94 million giving it a second spot and Honda landed third with 3.81 million.

Because of the said success in sales of the three strongest automobile business in Japan, the economy have recovered from its previous disaster in 2011 that took away a lot of properties, business establishments, and decreased the sales and production of Japanese products and goods including famous cars like Honda,Nissan,and Toyota vehicles.

UK financial experts point out that payment protection insurance (PPI) is the biggest financial scandal the country’s financial industry ever committed in history. Banks had mis sold PPI to 3.2 customers in a span of ten years. According to experts, the average PPI payout is at £2750, but claims experts can tell you that banks are keeping more of your money from you. How much have you actually lost in repaying a useless insurance policy? Here’s how to estimate your losses.


1. Your First Receipt
Your first insurance billing statement is the starting point of your PPI repayments. If you have your first receipt, keep it and from the month of such year, calculate your repayments until the date you stopped paying for it.

2. Compound Interests
Your insurance probably has a compound interests table. Look at the annual or bi-annual increases your interest rates go through. Your compound interests actually lose you more money, but banks continue to hide information about the interests by telling customers they only keep six years of financial and insurance records.

A claimant named “Roberta” actually received £65,000 for two mis sold PPI in her credit cards, which she owned for more than 10 years. The high compound interests, based on the calculation of her bank, had actually increased her repayment amounts. If you could find estimate your compound interests in your PPI claims you could get the total amount for yourself as well.

The Internet is a great place to begin making a good brand for your business. While you could choose to make your own website or start with an account from a merchant or buy and sell website, expanding your Internet presence helps you tap into the millions of Internet users worldwide who could see your advertisements and demonstration videos. Here are some more advantages Internet marketing can actually do for you.


1. Easier Accessibility
One notable thing about the Internet is that your customers can find information about your company instantly with just a few clicks through search engines. You could also post interactive games, advertisements and video demonstrations of your products and services. Anybody with a strong Internet connection can easily be enticed with your marketing strategies.

2. Affordability
Internet marketing is very affordable. For $30 a year, you could get a basic 500 MB package if your website is more of a database and text-heavy marketing website. You could go for higher options, such as 1GB to 30GB whichever you need with higher prices, if you would be posting more high quality videos of your products and services advertisements.

3. Outsourcing
Companies don’t need to look or put up departments to make their Internet marketing strategies; they can have outsourcing companies who specialize in the field do it for them. Online companies directed at Internet marketing can help your company concentrate more on the quality of your products while they work on the marketing based on your preferences while not incurring additional costs on your part.

The Internet is more than a tool for communication and you can use it for business purposes. New entrepreneurs might want to go for a website or have an account on a buy and sell website. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comprehensive help guide for new entrepreneurs looking to expand market in the Internet.

E-commerce concept

A. Website
Websites allow you to personalize your own design and introduce all your items and products depending on your bandwidth. A website is a business’ virtual office and it is easily accessible for all customers. However, the only trouble with websites is that you are the one to make all the databases, inquiry and order forms and ensure that these are all working properly. While they guarantee you a wider market, they can also require you to have full technical knowledge of website customization and management.

B. Merchant Account
A merchant account is usually a free to use account in most merchant websites. These accounts are very easy to use and they allow you to upload unlimited numbers of product or service photos. Unlike websites, you cannot host videos directly with the account; you might need to upload to free video hosting sites such as Youtube for a video demonstration of your product or service. Another downside is that merchant accounts limit your visibility and brand to the buy and sell website, which might make for poor business branding.

If you’re starting a new business or you plan to franchise, a business loan is essential. The economic climate today signals a fresh start for new innovators and entrepreneurs. With government policies encouraging growth to help with the troubled times, it might be easy to get business loans from banks, but still there are some points you need to consider to guarantee your success.

1. Requirements
New entrepreneurs must have a high credit score to ensure they get a good deal for their business loan. Should you have an established business, you will be required to present the business’ accounting and balance sheets for the previous year. Based on your company’s performance, the banks will provide you a deal suitable for your business loan.

2. Business Plan
It is advised to treat the lender as a business partner since they are essentially the benefactors of your business. Present a comprehensive business plan that completely highlights when and how banks will get back the money you borrowed from them plus the interest. Banks are concerned about the growth of your company and the profits you’ll make; a break-even will not be a good show.

3. Haggling
Business loan rate haggling is different from a normal loan haggle. You need to justify why you need the rates and how will it speed up the return of the bank’s money with interest. If your justification is feasible to your lender, they may agree. You cannot argue about how other banks gave you a better offer for your business project as this can get you to a bad start with your lender.

The Ministry of Justice first presented the no win no fee claims system in the country during the 90s to allow citizens equal access to the justice system. This arrangement meant that the client is to only to pay their legal representatives upon winning a claim successfully. The usual legal fee covered by a successful claimant is 25% of their compensation amounts. However, because severe cases had left many victims undercompensated, the MOJ gave severe injury claims a win/lose no fee advantage.


The win/lose no fee agreement became applicable to all injury claims. The legal representatives will now take their legal fees and other expense fees against the defendant. However, because many fraudulent and exaggerated claims came about in the following years, the MOJ has decided to abolish the win/lose no fee claims system in 2014.

Should the United Kingdom go back to the no win no fee claims system? Authorities think so; the expenses dealt by fraud whiplash claims cost £2 billion compensating for incontestable claims. The Ministry also plans to increase the Small Claims Court payouts to £5000 to reduce the stress from insurance companies. The health boards will give consideration for severe and unlikely-fraud claims, such as medical negligence and extreme cases, for win/lose no fee agreements.

The high rates of unemployment and the dwindling economy in the world nowadays ensures that even if you land corporate success, you’ll never have enough by having a 9 to 5 job. Many experts today advice that making investments and starting small businesses are the way to go in today’s world. Surely, you or anybody is indeed up to it. But you will need to know about the rules of engagement when investing or making a business. You need to know the rules to observe them, or to break them to succeed in the field.

1. Place All Bets In

A business may be similar to gambling, only here, you’ll find that you can actually have the odds in your favour. A business requires a great investment, not just of money, but also your time, effort and devotion to making the businesses successful. Even if you know that you still have remaining assets to help you start another business, you’ll need to be confident in your decision in making the business and believe that the business will grow. You’ll have to place all your bets in it.

2. Know Your Competitors

Making a business is not just having your business boom, its also about dealing with your competitors. On the small picture, your business plans to take you out of the business league in your area. This pushes you to re-formulate your ideas to ensure that they will not have the capacity to win over your business. Knowing your competitors is a great way to improve your product, not just to beat them but also for your customers. Now that is looking at the bigger picture.

3. In Case of Investors/Partnerships, Start With Backgrounds

When your business makes it through quite long and bumpy rides, many investors will take notice and people will begin to invest in your company, or begin partnerships with your company as well. However, you must always be wary of the people you trust to fund your company; some of them might be swindlers. Others might only be looking for someone to fuel their own companies to the point of exhausting your business. Never throw away what you have; research on their backgrounds and even talk to them.

4. Make Good Ties With Customers

Customers are always right, and indeed they are. However, a business that continuously provides quality services consistently will not need to advertise their services or products. Having a great customer satisfaction rating builds trust with your market. Once you have established trust, it is best to keep up that quality or even improve on it to attract more markets.

5. Business Reputation

Like any person, your business has a reputation. Every action or new investment your business does will entail a consequence or a reaction from your investors and your customers. It is important that you realize the value of business reputation early; many business fail to manage their business identities that they remain underdogs even if their business has been doing well. Always keep this in mind.

Business brand development is very much as important as the manufacture of the business’ products and one way this is developed is through the delivery of items a business manufacturer promises. The items must be delivered in mint and good condition, as it was in the factory. To develop your shipping and packaging techniques, consider the following.

1. Tight Schedule

Production costs and expenses are basically predicted by schedules, which is why businesses with great orders should keep a tight schedule and give their business partners or customers a definite deadline when they can send the package had been paid for. Keeping a good schedule is important, so make sure your teams know when the deadline is so that they can estimate the amount of work they need to put up.

2. Outsourcing

As a business, you can’t always have your own departments for yourself, you can always outsource. Most of the time, outsourcing is cheaper and effective as it focuses only on one micro-process in the whole link of business. If you could contract a shipping agency to arrive and deliver the goods ensuring high quality and proper handling, you could save money from making a facility, training people for high quality and handling and more.

3. Deliver on Time

It is normal for a business to sometimes fail to deliver their products on time or miss their deadlines, but the next time, the business has to make for it. Reliability and business brand issues can stem from repeated mistakes, but a single mistake is not a harmful tarnish to business reputation.

4. Quality of Goods

What you cannot outsource is the way the product is packaged with an environment that will ensure its freshness. If you’re in the perishable goods business, you’ll need to ensure the high quality of goods you deliver and when they are delivered, they should always be as fresh as they were. Work up with your board and development teams how to make a packaging that is suitable to sustain the reliability of your product.